Waste Free Wednesdays

Sometimes going plastic free can seem hard and overwhelming, so let's break it down, one day at a time... Why not start with Wednesdays?

Introducing Waste Free Wednesdays - a day to really commit to creating less waste for our planet! You can REFUSE plastic straws and bags, bring your own coffee cups, water bottles and silverware for a day out, or maybe make a plastic-free purchase you've been putting off (Stainless steel razors? Shampoo bars, anyone?)

Whatever steps you take to help reduce your plastic footprint, we want to see! Use the hashtag #WasteFreeWeds and tag Plastic Free Israel so we can re-post your #plasticfree changes and help inspire others. We'll add our favorite waste free tips soon!


In the meantime, share Waste Free Wednesdays with your family and friends and help grow the movement!

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Coming soon:

Plastic free guides and where you can buy the best

everyday essentials