Coffee cup campaign

Plastic Free Israel has launched a coffee cup campaign, aimed at reducing the number of disposable coffee cups used in Israel.

Single-use coffee cups are paper cups that are lined in polyethylene, a type of plastic, and cannot be recycled in Israel.

We want to motivate people to bring their own reusable mugs or coffee cups when they order their favorite cup to-go. We're partnering with coffee shops all over the country to provide a discounted price on your drink when you bring a reusable cup.

A list of participating coffee shops is below - a map is coming soon!


Bring your cup, get a discount, and help save the environment!


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Participating coffee shops

Here's an up-to-date list of all the coffee shops where you can bring your reusable cup for a discounted coffee!

Know of a coffee shop that might want to get involved? Let us know!

Cafe Xoho logo.png

Cafe Xoho

J.L. Gordon St. 17, Tel Aviv

2₪ off with a reusable cup!

Cafe Pina logo.jpg

Cafe Pina

Frenkel St. 1, Tel Aviv

1₪ off with a reusable cup!

citizen logo.png


Montefiore 15, Tel Aviv

10% off with a reusable cup!

Cafe Binyamina logo.jpg

Cafe Binyamina

Ha-Meyasdim 15, Binyamina

15% off and anyone who buys a coffee cup from them gets 3 refills free!


Judith Coffee

Sderot Yehudit 21, Tel Aviv

1₪ off with a reusable cup!

Urban Shaman logo.jpg

Urban Shaman

Dizengoff St. 210, Tel Aviv

Discount coming soon

Nola logo.jpg


Dizengoff 197, Tel Aviv

5% off with a reusable cup!

Meshek Barzilay

Ahad Ha'am 6, Tel Aviv

10% off with a reusable cup!

WhatsApp Image 2019-03-14 at 8.48.55 AM.

Cafe Rega

Shenkin Street 57, Tel Aviv

15% off with a reusable cup!

Coming soon

Let us know who you want to see here!

Kiosko logo.jpg


Frenkel St. 31, Tel Aviv

1 off with a reusable cup!

caffe tamati logo 2.jpg

Caffe Tamati

Daniel St. 27, Tel Aviv

2₪ off with a reusable cup! Reusable cups for sale with 10 shekel off if you mention PFI.

loveat logo.jpg


All 4 stores in Tel Aviv offer 1₪ off with a reusable cup! 



Dizengof 267, Tel Aviv

Tushya 6, Tel Aviv

10% off with a reusable cup!

Coffee Cups, Israel & The environment

In a 2018 study by Galia Pasternak, cups make up 16% of the total single use plastic found on beaches in Israel.

Saving cups doesn't just save from cup pollution, but decreases factory production, which is another source of pollution. Reusing mugs saves: trees, water, energy, and money.

The average Israeli resident generates 1.7 kilograms of waste daily.

The overall financial cost of plastics to marine ecosystems is conservatively estimated to be US $13 billion a year.

As of January 2018, the Israeli government claimed that about 25% of total waste was recycled. Since then, at least one recycling facility has been closed and the number is likely to have gone down.

Compostable and biodegradable cups, unless properly composted, are likely to end up in landfills, where they will break down into methane, a greenhouse gas.

Where to find your new best friend

(a reusable coffee cup!)

We're working on building a list of all the places you can buy sturdy, reusable coffee cups in Israel. If you know of any retailers that we missed so far, let us know! If you're a retailer that wants to sell coffee cups, drop us a line and we'll send you some wholesale recommendations.

We have a few options listed for now - we recommend trying to buy local (from locations such as those listed below) as it supports the demand for these items in Israel. The more people asking retailers for reusable coffee cups, the more options we have for environmentally-friendly products in our own country - wouldn't that be great?!

Cafe Tamati

Yehya Kapah Street 1, Tel Aviv - say you read about them here and get a 50₪ reusable cup for 40₪!

Eco Store

Ma'avar Yabok 5, Tel Aviv, and online

Neroli Healthfood Store

Lilienblum Street 3, Neve-tsedek, Tel Aviv

Online only

Shopping Cart

Florentin street 50, Tel Aviv


Various locations & online


Various locations & online


Various locations & online


Ibn Gabriol 121, Tel Aviv (Eco brand bamboo cups)

Teva Castel

Dizengoff St 101 (Pukka cups)

We know some of you are keen to help out and reach coffee
shops of your own (yay!) - hold on, our guide is coming.
In the meantime, if you have a cafe/restaurant recommendation,
drop us a line here.